Fulfilling a dream for Elchanan aged 12.5 who has cancer

Fulfilling a dream for Elchanan aged 12.5 who has cancer

Elchanan is a good-looking boy of 12.5 who has had cancer for more than two years. In recent months his situation has become much worse and he has been bedridden at home for a long period.

He needs the permanent help of oxygen due to difficulty in breathing, which greatly limits him.

Our connection with Elchanan and his family started almost from the beginning of his sickness and we always do everything we can for him. Elchanan has a wish and, as always, we quickly rallied round with a big campaign for Elchanan, making telephone calls, inquiries, requests. It’s not easy! MDA with an ambulance, the wishes connected to us so that we would fulfill Elchanan’s wish in the best and safest way for him, due to his difficult situation. And so, on the morning of Wednesday 1/1/17 we set out on the campaign – to fulfill Elchanan’s wish. An MDA team joined us: ambulance driver Mr. Alon Kakon, paramedic Mr. Erez Engel and volunteer Meital Engel (Ronny’s wife), oxygen balloons for the entire day, lots of food, and a great hope that made Elchanan’s day.

The Tel Nof air force base hosted us amazingly, Miri the officer, the wonderful pilots and the entire team did everything for Elchanan: The Falcon squadron, the Night Riders Squadron and the Eitan Squadron.

We wanted to take Elchanan to visit the President of Israel a few months ago but his situation did not enable this. After thinking and consulting the ambulance driver it was decided to turn the world upside down so that Elchanan would visit the President of Israel. After telephone calls, arguments and various proposals and with the help of good people we set out for Jerusalem. Elchanan’s good mood and excitement were sky high…

All the rest is in the pictures…

Tel Nof base



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